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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Microsoft Outlook 2003 Settings for SMTP Authentication

Once in Outlook 2003, go to the Help menu and then to the About Microsoft Outlook to make sure which version of Microsoft Outlook you are running.

In Microsoft Outlook 2003, go to the Tools menu and select E-mail Accounts

Ensure that View or change existing e-mail accounts radio button is selected as in the below picture

Select the Account which you would like the SMTP relay service for and click the Change button.

After entering all the valid fields as indicated below, click the option 'More Settings'
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In Internet E-mail settings window, select 'Outgoing Server' tab

Please follow the instructions below as indicated.
Important- The password you enter here is the password you selected when you bought the SMTP relay service, NOT the pop email account password.
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You are now ready to send emails using SMTP Auth. Please note that each ASMTP Account that you purchase only works for the email account that you specify. It will not allow you to send emails from any other email account.

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