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ASMTP.COM - authenticated SMTP AUTH Relay Service - Send Emails from Anywhere
ASMTP.COM - Authenticated SMTP Mail Relay for everyone

Global ASMTP Relay Service

Our Roaming Authenticated SMTP Relay Service allows you to send email from anywhere in the world after changing your SMTP server settings in your Email Client (Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Netscape etc.) to the following: asmtp.asmtp.com and then you never need to change this settings again no matter which ISP you use. So if you are in the UK and use Freeserve you can send your mail out via our SMTP servers and then even if you go abroad, there is no need to make any changes in your email client if you connect with another ISP from abroad. Please note that when you purchase this service, it is for one email account only, if you have multiple email accounts then you need to make multiple purchases of the service. It still offers tremendous value for money as it enable you and your travelling colleagues to never have the worry of sending email through other ISP's when you are travelling or even at your office. If you have more than 5 email accounts, please email us at sales@asmtp.com for a bulk quote which will be more economical than buying multiple individual accounts.

You will be given Username and Password through which your email client will be authenticated to use our Fast & Reliable SMTP Servers.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 207 819 2329 or email us sales@asmtp.com

Service Pricing
Subscription Period Price
(UK )
Emails/Day MB Data/Day Package
1 Month 10 15 5MB Asmtp Light
1 Month 28 200 75MB Asmtp Standard
3 Month 28 15 5MB Asmtp Light
3 Month 39 200 75MB Asmtp Standard
12 Month 40 15 5MB Asmtp Light
12 Month 50 200 75MB Asmtp Standard
12 Month 299 500 150MB Asmtp Power
24 Month 70 15 5MB Asmtp Light
24 Month 95 200 75MB Asmtp Standard
24 Month 590 500 150MB Asmtp Power
36 Month 140 200 75MB Asmtp Standard
48 Month 145 15 5MB Asmtp Light
48 Month 189 200 75MB Asmtp Standard
48 Month 1190 500 150MB Asmtp Power
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